The Latin Bible : Circa 1590

A rare, first edition, Latin Bible (not to be confused with the Latin Vulgate) published circa 1590 by Immanuel Tremellius, Franciscus Junius and Theodore Beza, archived digitally in near 3D reproduction. Available as Archiveable DVD or as Full Digital Download. It is now available to scholars, researchers, Libraries, Universities, and Religious Organizations. Runs on most all platforms.

Having faithfully reproduced each of over 1700 pages, scholars and researchers will delight in being able to analyse first-hand a digital copy of this rare pre-King James version of the Bible in the Latin language.

               The Seal of the Latin Bible - Click Here for explanation.

You can purchase a digitally scanned copy of the entire Latin Bible
on a single DVD-ROM or a Full Digital Download. Features over 1700 pages, half of which are the biblical text and the remainder the commentaries of Immanuel Tremellius, the foremost linguist and expert in Near Eastern languages during the Reformation period. Digitally archived in PNG quality file format viewable in any Internet Browser.

In order to best digitally duplicate the Latin Bible it has been scanned in 3D at almost four times the size of the original, this not only enhances and enlarges the text for easier readability but it allows for a much closer inspection of the annotations and smaller notes found in the curvatures of the inner margins. PNG, a lossless image format presents excellent readability.

Libraries, scholars and students alike will appreciate the rich textural feel of the reading experience presented.

A convenient navigation system has been built into the interface that makes it easy to access the individual books through a main-page Table of Contents that goes to any book at the click of a mouse. See Genesis Online for a full preview of the quality (because it is online it will load slower and may take a few seconds to access each page depending on your connection).

This Complete Latin Bible 1590 on DVD is available for $250.00
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or you can purchase the digital download below.

The Complete Latin Bible 1590 Full Digital Download is available for $99.00
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The Latin Bible : Circa 1590 have been formated to be readable in any Internet Browser conveniently on most computer systems and tablets.

The Latin Bible : Circa 1590 is produced by LUMAR Digital Archive Services
Copyright 2000 D. Luth and P. Marcano

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